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a alThrough the magic of Periscope (click here to see what I am talking about), I have been able to connect with the nicest people around the globe. I get oodles of questions now, and I wish I could help every single person with every single health challenge…but I can’t. I am only one person. But to the extent I can, I will continue doing my best to cover the most-asked questions, and those people who touch my heart. This blog post is dedicated to one such viewer. She’s desperate to help her family get healthier, and asked me to post my favorite Thrive Market finds. I am not trying to sell you on anything, and I make no money at all for recommending these items. I simply order from them often because I save TONS of money. And as often as I go to Trader Joes and Whole foods, there are always things they don’t have, or that just cost too much.

Here are some of my purchases (keep checking back because as I order more, I’ll add more to this list):

coconut aminos

Coconut Aminos are a non-MSG soy sauce alternative. No- they do not tase like coconut.  It tastes just like soy sauce.

c primal

This is a Paleo mayo that my kids love. I do not use tons of it; it still contains a lot of fat. But used sparingly, it’s a-ok!

a al

You save almost $4 buying this on Thrive! Enough said.c-honey

Raw honey is way better than the processed stuff!


I cannot say enough great things about this product. We LOVE them!! The price here is SO good, as I pay $10 for them at Whole Foods.


Same goes here. These are ridiculously good. They only contain 3 ingredients. They’re pretty much all fat, so know that going into the purchase.



This price is SO good! Tahini is great for dips and sauces. I use it all the time.


This oil has a high smoke point like coconut oil, so it is safe for high heat over your stove.


I pack these up for my kids for crunchy snacks on the go.


My 3-year old begs for kale! These are a bit pricey because it’s only 2-3 servings.


Whenever we get a salt craving or go to the movies, these crunchy seaweeds snacks are our go-to.


Great on the go snack for the kiddos! Eat them raw of with coconut milk.


Non-GMO. These make my kids feel like they’re eating chips.


A healthier way to spray:)


They have several organic sunblocks for kids!



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