Spicy Zoodles with Shrimp

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2015-08-19 19.55.54I have officially become a Periscope addict. I just love showing snippets of my cooking and healthy-habit tips with the world.  Yes- the WORLD is my stage because people from all over the globe tune in to watch. It’s like live t.v. every day from my own home. I already know I have made a difference in a few people’s lives, and that makes all the chaos, lighting, grouchy children in the background and daily hair and makeup all worthwhile. How do I know I am making a difference in my mission? I have had several people reach out and tell me so. I am now helping a sweet guy 12 states away control his diabetes by providing him the knowledge I have about blood sugar stabilization, portion control and healthy cooking. And it is my pleasure to do this to him for free.  Why? Because he asked. And after 2 minutes on the phone with him I could tell I liked him a lot. I applaud him for having the courage to ask. As my friend Lewis Howes (author and one of the top-rated podcasters in the world) says, “what would it take to get to a yes?” Well, my new “client” did just that. He did what people are often too afraid to do. He looked me up, wrote a message, and just asked. I obviously cannot do this kind of thing for everyone, which is why I am Periscoping daily; so that I can bring my message of thoughtful nutrition to as many people as possible. But I acknowledge the fact that asking is scary and uncomfortable, but those who do either get exactly what they want, or they stay where they are. Guess what, NOT asking keeps you exactly where you are. So in my opinion, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I created this spicy, fast and fun recipe to give people more ideas for using their spiralizer. This gadget is incredible, and totally worth the $35. I use mine at least twice per week. You can see me making in on katch.me/erincwoodbury

Spicy Zoodles with Shrimp

By August 22, 2015

2015-08-19 19.56.48The lighting on these photos is terrible.  Sorry! When I cook after dark my photos don't look as pretty.  

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 8 minutes
  • Rating 5 stars - based on 4 review(s)
  • Yield : 4


  1. Coat a medium skillet with cooking spray. Sprinkle shrimp with garlic powder and add to pan over medium heat. Cook shrimp approximately 2 minutes per side, or until cooked through. Remove pan from heat and set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the cashew butter, coconut aminos, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, vinegar, Siracha, lime juice and stevia. Set aside.
  3. Spray a large pot with cooking spray. Add zucchini, cabbage and green onion and set over medium-low. Stir for 1 minute. Drizzle in the sauce and toss to coat. Cook until just warm, about 3 minutes. Make sure all the zoodles are coated nicely with sauce. Add salt and pepper and stir.
  4. Squeeze lime juice over the zoodles and divide them among 4 plates.
  5. Top each with shrimp. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and garnish with carrots.
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2 Responses to Spicy Zoodles with Shrimp

  1. Elizabeth Sanders

    What was the name of the spiral slicer that you prefer to use?

    • Erin Woodbury

      I like the Paderno off Amazon:)

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