Roasted Garlic Baba Ganoush

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Baba Ganoush is funny to say, but it is delicious and rich tasting to eat! Made from roasted eggplant and then processed until smooth, it’s got loads of health benefits, including the decadent head of roasted garlic I added to mine for extra creaminess and flavor. Even if you dislike eggplant, I really think you’ll like this!

Roasted Garlic Baba Ganoush

By November 19, 2015

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Why not cook light one meal per week?! It's easier on the wallet, saves you time and lots of calories. Go buy the rainbow in veggies, whip up this dip and either grill some chicken or get an organic roasted chicken and just serve that for dinner. Fresh, simple and healthy!

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 35 minutes
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  • Yield : 10-12


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Cut the top off the garlic and spray with cooking spray. Seal in tin foil. Roast for 40 minutes or until soft. Let cool before squeezing out the paste.
  3. Cut off the sides of each eggplant. Cut in half longways. Drizzle lightly with oil. Place cut side down in a baking dish. Poke holes in the outside with a fork. Roast on a low rack for 35 minutes or until soft. Let cool, then scoop out flesh from purple skin. Place flesh into a food processor.
  4. Add the roasted garlic paste and remaining ingredients. Process for 15 seconds or until smooth. Garnish with smoked paprika, kalamata olives or parsley and serve.
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