Pumpkin Protein Chai Tea Latte

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I beg of you to avoid the scent-trap that is all things cinnamon and spice this holiday season. Usually, the sweet and tempting nostalgic scents mean there’s loads of sugar lurking. From breads, pies and muffins, to even those small lattes and chai teas in every coffee shop, you’re either going to get a hefty dose of real, or artificial sugar. You don’t want that; especially from a beverage that won’t really fill you up. But you can’t be expected to abstain from everything festive and comforting, so try this satisfying warm drink (foam top included) for way less calories, zero sugar and all the yum! The protein powder is entirely optional. For me, this would serve as a great snack, or an afternoon bridge between lunch and dinner. But if you don’t want to use any protein powder, go ahead and skip it, the recipe is delicious either way!

Pumpkin Protein Chai Tea Latte

By September 26, 2015

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Chai tea contains antioxidants, about 1/3 less caffeine than coffee, and the spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, anise, cloves and black pepper, to name a few) all have health benefits of their own. Improved circulation, digestion, kidney help, blood sugar are just a few of the benefits.

  • Prep Time : 2 minutes
  • Cook Time : 3 minutes
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  • Yield : 1
Nutrition facts : Calories: 138; Carbohydrate Content: 5; Fat Content: 5; Fiber Content: 2; Protein Content: 15;


  1. In a small saucepan, heat the milk with the tea until very hot, but not boiling. Remove from heat and steep for 5 minutes.
  2. Pour into a mini blender and add the pumpkin, spices, stevia, vanilla extract and protein powder, if using. Blend for 5 seconds. Carefully unscrew the top. Pour into a mug, and sprinkle with cinnamon.
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2 Responses to Pumpkin Protein Chai Tea Latte

  1. Amy

    YUM!!!! I didn’t even need to add stevia:)

    • Erin Woodbury


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