You’re the Boss, Healthy Recipes & Advice to Keep you in Control of your Kitchen

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This 73-page downloadable EBook contains practical advice and strategies to save money, clean up your kitchen, and change your habits for the better. From recommendations on time-saving gadgets, to mindset mastery, you’ll walk away with new food knowledge and all the tools to make it happen once and for all. In addition, you’ll get dozens of clean recipes using whole foods, that don’t take a lot of time. There’s something for everyone: Paleo, Vegan and Protein-Junkies, and every recipe is gluten-free. You’ll get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sauces, and desserts, with a photo of every single recipe. As a busy mom of three, it’s important to me that every recipe is also kid-approved. Clean habits don’t have to steal your joy. It’s fun to eat healthy! Enjoy!


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